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Adventure-Ready: 2000 ML320 w/ 19K Miles

Recently we’ve been talking about the perfect non-AMG W163. They became so cheap that for a while finding a clean, low mileage example was impossible and although a few seem to be popping up on auction sites and classifieds. Most of these recently found low mileage finds are facelifted cars and (although we love the facelift), we’ve found an appreciation for the simplicity of the early models. Recently spotted here on CarGurus, this 2000 ML320 truly defines the meaning of “less is more.” Asking price is a market-high $11,500 but with 19k on the clock, it seems like a great deal.

Finished in Black (040) over black leather, this W163 appears to hide nothing from the few pampered miles it's been driven. With flat-folding rear seats, vented rear quarter windows, a dual speed transfer case, and a hidden lock box in the cabin, these ML’s were positioned alongside the great 4x4 SUVs of the 90’s. On or off road, the W163 performed with the Land Rover Discovery and Land Cruisers of its time.

For some added street or trail-cred, this ML320 wears some fun OEM accessories we can’t help but love. Most notably the front bull bar with brush guards but also the factory mud flaps, running boards, and even the frarer rear brush guards around the tail lights. If this were wearing a rear-mounted spare tire carrier we’d already be on the way to pick it up.

The interior, although less interesting, is every bit as functional with all the features you’d expect from a 90’d Mercedes but no extra frills and an in-command seating position that places the driver well above the beltline of this capable 4x4. An option worth mentioning on this model is the Alpine COMMAND unit usually seen in the ML55 AMG’s. Most of the ML320’s came with a single DIN deck that included a tape player and small storage cubby.

This ML has been listed on CarGurus for some time and the price has dropped 4k in the last several months. Sure you can find a nice W163 for less but at this mileage we wouldn’t be shy about offering $10,500 for one of the nicest W163’s we’ve seen in ages. We may even take the money saved and mount some capable all terrain tires to complete the look.



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