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AMG Tribute Build: 1987 560SL

The r107 bubble popped a year or more ago now. These cars were were selling for really big numbers, especially clean and low-mileage examples. They have certainly come back down to Earth since then but still are collectible. This 1987 560SL is a clean example with 65k-miles and some authentic AMG add-ons. We know of this car prior to it's AMG make-over but can certainly appreciate what it's become. The Euro headlights and bumpers are more attractive and give the car a more proper image. To clarify, this is a US spec version originally.

The seller doesn't give the most captivating description or details about the car at all saying, "Pictures speak for that car. This is pre merger AMG car. Everything work perfect." So we'll give this our best shot: In the pictures, you can see the car has been given a period correct AMG steering wheel and Penta style wheels with what appears to be the correct center caps as a bonus; the Nankang tires not so much. The paint appears free from clear coat failure which is common on these cars and still shines nicely. The wood grain appears to be in great condition compared to the majority on the market with no major cracks or fading. The leather seats also seem to be in good condition. From what we can tell, the dash is free of cracks although we'd recommend more pictures. The AMG touring spoiler, while period correct, wasn't nearly as attractive as some of the other offerings of the time. The exhaust tips do appear to have the pre merger style logo, however, the lip around the opening leads us to believe these are replica tips. We'll assume the AC, radio, and all gauges work properly.

Overall, the car does appear to be in great condition and clean. The mileage is especially attractive for the year and helps in value. Any 560SL with similar mileage and condition should fetch a decent number on today's market. We appreciate the period correct AMG upgrades the seller has done to this car and finding another one wouldn't be easy. Only minor tweaks would be needed but we'd build a near identical version if we could although that isn't a cheap or easy feat. In summary, this 560SL has low-mileage and is in very nice condition with some desirable AMG upgrades; now bears the question, is it worth $28,500?


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