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Are the Wheels and Kit Worth the Headache? 1994 SL600 w/ AMG Extras

Found in Arkansas, this 1994 SL600 shows only 53k miles and is listed for $11,500. Perhaps the most striking feature of this car are the wheels. These are the OZ Racing aero III that AMG used on many of their most famous builds including the hammer and sec widebody cars. They also found their way onto r129s and can occasionally be found on cars like this hidden on the internet for sale. To make things more interesting. The car also sports a 3-piece duck-tail AMG spoiler which is both rare and desirable. In addition, the rear bumper also is gen1 AMG period correct matching the spoiler. Unfortunately the car has no side-skirts or front bumper to complete the look and these parts are not easily tracked down.

The m120 v12 engines are known for their ultra smooth delivery of freight train like power. The seller states that the car has alway ran great and currently the engine and transmission are strong and smooth. We highly recommend changing the wiring harness as this was one of the years of the biodegradable type which can cause a whirlwind of problems. Currently, the suspension error light and SRS light are illuminated on the dash. The interior also shows quite a bit of wear with cracks and tears in the seats along with a busted speaker cover. I guess you’ve got to take the good with the bad sometimes.

This SL600 can be found here on Facebook marketplace


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