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Bargain AMG Coupe: 2002 CLK55 AMG

It's becoming more difficult to find AMG's from the late 90's and early 2000's at bargain prices. These cars were still produced at a time before technology completely overran the automobile and that is in-part what makes them increasingly more desirable today. With w210 AMG values skyrocketing, the w208 market should be following close behind although we expect the w210 to always carry a premium over it's two-door sibling. This 2002 CLK55 AMG is found in Atlanta, GA with 125k miles and an asking price of $6,977.

While the photos are a bit grainy, the paint appears to be in excellent condition and no major flaws are seen. All body panels seem to match and the Carfax provided shows no accidents and 6 previous owners. The headlights would do well with a proper restoration to rid them of the minor haze caused by oxidation. Some minor imperfections around the lips of the front wheels can be seen but it's not bad for the age and price. The exhaust does seem to be slightly tilted which should be an easy fix of a hanger.

The interior presents nicely for 125k miles. There are no cracks on the dash and the leather seats show no tears. The center console wood looks presentable although we'd recommend cleaning or replacing the storage compartment below the radio along with the volume knob. The pixels for the outside temperature gauge have failed which is a common occurrence for any w208 or w210.

All things considered, we have a hard time finding too many things to complain about with an asking price of $6,977. The naturally aspirated m113 is one of the most reliable engines and examples are still seen on the market today with near 300k miles. If you're looking to get into an AMG on a budget, this CLK55 is a great candidate and worth a closer look.


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