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Condition Over Mileage: 219k-mile 2002 Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG

Following our write-up on the pristine Alabaster white S55 W220 from earlier in the week, here comes another, smaller version of the same era of post-merger AMG mercedes: The W203 C32 AMG.

Like its larger brethren the S55, this little AMG also comes in a killer color combination, but it "one-ups" the S55 with a better interior option. Here, the (960) Alabaster White non-metallic boasts an interior finished in (257) Red leather. While the interior really appears more maroon than red - and its not a full color covering (just the inserts) - the special order combination really helps this little 203 stand out from the pack; especially as a non-designo car.

Offered for sale here on craigslist in Dallas, TX, by one of our followers @albanianbenz on Instagram, this little AMG shows lots of miles but a generally well-kept condition, all things considered. The shifter, seat bottoms and headlights all show the most obvious signs of wear, but can each be rehabilitated with proper detailing. Alabaster white non-metallic is a forgiving paint color in photographs, however, so closer inspection of the paint condition is wise; especially if this car has baked in the hot Texas sun (like those plaque-yellow headlight lenses).

Aside from the aforementioned colors, this car is well-optioned too. It packs Xenon headlights, rear roller blind, seat memory package and the (957) Avantgarde appearance package. Not as luxurious or feature-rich as the S55, but not shabby for a little 203 either.

The seller claims quite a bit of recent maintenance such as replacement of: valve cover gaskets, all air hoses, AC compressor, supercharger pulley bearing, idler pulley, drive belt, motor mounts & the front lower control arms. That's a reassuring list but receipts would really help bolster listing overall. However, at only $5,500, there's not a lot to complain about with this particular "baby Benz". The car also wears a "Park Place" MB license plate frame on the rear so it might be worth finding out if this car was, indeed, serviced at the well-known Dallas MB dealer. That would certainly add value here, given the mileage.

Points to the owner for retaining the original C32 AMG floormats; though we wish they were trimmed in the matching "red" seen in the seat inserts and panels.

The twin-screw supercharged 3.2L V6 engines in these cars are a lot of fun and fairly robust coupled with the 5-speed automatic. With 349hp, the C32 was capable of launching from 0-62mph in only 5.2 seconds; in 2002 that was a very impressive figure. So, for a small sum, this could be a great foray into the AMG experience for someone just looking to get their feet wet and keep their wallet full.


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