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Magma Opus: 20k-mile AMG CLK55

The W208 CLK55 currently doesn't get the same love in the market that its brethren the W210 E55 does, but we think it's high time for a change. This 2001 Magma Red example offered here on Autotrader out of Pittsburgh sports only 20k miles and looks every bit the part of the well-cared for, low-mile example it claims to be.

With only one owner and no accidents or damage, this rare-spec'd version of an early 2000s AMG coupe is red hot and likely has room to appreciate in the coming years. The asking price of $22,900 is not insignificant until you compare it to a comparable mileage W210 E55 of the era.

Note the rarely-optioned early COMAND system on this red hot example.

The black leather interior shows little to no wear (absent some yellowing of the grab handles) and maintains its strong, stylish stance 19 years after leaving the showroom floor. Our only complaint is the common issue of burnt out pixels on the cluster display. Luckily, this is solved with an easy cluster rebuild. At this mileage and spec, why shouldn't it be perfect?


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I bought my 2009 SLK55 in Mars Red from LW. Good people to deal with.

Me gusta

Aamir Tanveer
Aamir Tanveer
22 jul 2020

That is truly a spectacular color on this example. Looks great with the monoblocks.

Me gusta
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