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Ramblin' & Gamblin': 226k-Mile 2000 ML55 RENNtech

Listed for sale in Rio Frio, TX, this 2000 ML55 AMG which has been modified by RENNtech. We love finding these RENNtech modified vehicles although we aren't accustomed to seeing them with this kind of mileage or in such condition. While normally we'd see the seller's asking price of $8,500 for anything RENNtech as great, the mileage and condition certainly are a heavy consideration. While the photos make it difficult to tell, the vehicle is Black (040) over Anthracite Leather interior.

The seller notes some of the known RENNtech mods which are questionable and ambiguous to say the least:

- exhaust upgrade (Seen in photos)

- brake upgrade ( Brembo calipers included, has AMG calipers for cheaper brake pads and rotors according to seller)

- RENNtech monolite wheels

- engine ECU upgrade

- transmission ECU upgrade

- lowered suspension (most likely Eibach springs and Koni shocks

- roof rack delete

- some modified engine components (We're assuming RENNtech carbon fiber airbox and who knows what else)

The seller also states "It may have the following but we don't have proof: Titanium connecting rods, billet steel crankshaft and more aggressive cams." It's enough to make us do a double-take and might be worth further investigation from someone with a bit more mechanical know-how.

For what it's worth, these RENNtech parts are very difficult to find and carry some heavy values alone. The seller does state that the vehicle runs and drives with no issues at all. We'd obviously recommend finding out for yourself but as it stands with $226k, that's a strong testament to the quality of the M113 engine even with modifications.

We can see there's some pieces that need attention. The SRS light is on which could be as simple as a sensor. The rest of the interior is well-worn and has some plastic trim pieces amiss. In addition, the headliner is sagging as we commonly see with Benzes from this era. Both bumpers suffer cracks as well as a noticeable crack in the windshield. The paint has seen better days and some work has been done. The fender flares have been replaced on the driver's side and painted whereas the passenger's side appear original. A crack can be seen on the rear fender flare and paint work is needed.

In short, this was at one time a very neat vehicle. Unfortunately, time has taken it's tole and much work is needed if anyone is going to be restoring this ML to it's former glory. Still, there are many rare and salvageable parts in addition to a running ML55. More confirmation would be needed on the engine modifications if anyone is seriously considering purchasing. The seller does state the vehicle has no rust at all which is believable as a Texas vehicle. Unfortunately the Texas sun has done enough on it's own but we just hate to leave this to die.


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