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Store of Value Alert! 31k-mile 2002 CLK55 AMG Cabriolet

Designed and launched to compete for market share with the e46 BMW M3 Cabriolet, the CLK55 AMG Cabriolet (A208) was pinned against it’s Bavarian counterpart time and time again in the early 2000’s by automotive journalists and enthusiasts alike. In 2021, a low mileage M3 seems to have retained most of it's initial value while the CLK55 AMG hasn’t bolstered the same cult following. We could take a stab at the differences (Manual transmission, more precise steering, etc) but instead we’re just going to admire this 2002 CLK55 AMG Cabriolet and talk about why these cars are immense fun for the money. This particular example can be found here on Facebook Marketplace out of Cleveland, Ohio at an asking price of $15,000 with a mere 31k miles on the odometer.

The seller states the original Black (040) exterior has received a correction and ceramic coating, dating back to March of 2018. Depending on the coating used, it could last for another several years before needing to be reapplied or might be wearing thin into 2021. Although lighting in the shots is a tad dim, the paint seems to be in nice shape and all the usual exterior talking points look to be well kept including the headlamps and lower grille insert. The lighting and photos don’t help to show many of the details but most parts that a new buyer could need are readily available. The seller states maintenance records are available but doesn’t give any detail on how far back they go or how complete they are. Hopefully the top has been serviced and hydraulic rams replaced at some point in the 2010s. New tires have been noted for October of 2020. The only gripes we have with the exterior is the flat badge on the hood in place of the OEM hood ornament and the smoked out front corner lights. We'd opt for originality on this particular car but it's buyer's choice. We'd also point out that the rear badging appears to have been replaced at some point so a history check and PPI are highly recommended.

The Black interior on this example looks to be in great shape and a few subtle hints give us an idea of how nice this example could be. The Black Birdseye wood trim doesn’t show much fading and in a car that spends a considerable amount of time topless, that’s a solid sign. The original floor mats showing the “CLK55 AMG” lettering are still included and seem to be in great shape as well and a stock Becker head unit has been retained but has reportedly been replaced with a Becker-specific remanufactured unit with Bluetooth capability. The only lingering question on the interior is whether or not the orthopedic seats still fully function as they should. This system relied on an air bladder or pocket in the seats and often the seals break due to age. Only one photo of the soft top is provided but given the overall condition, we’d think it should be in fine shape.

At $15,000 asking, it’s priced slightly higher than most CLK55’s on the market but also has significantly less miles. This is a good way to get into one of these cars at a seemingly like-new condition for a fraction of the like-new cost. Also, if you’re into watching the markets, certain low mileage CLK430’s are selling in the teens on auction sites so this might be a deal if you’re looking for a good store of value over the next few years.



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