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The Internet Never Forgets: 55k-mile W140 in Brilliant Emerald Green

At first blanche, this 55k mile 1997 S500 in a rare shade of Brilliant Emerald Green seems like a diamond in the rough. But upon closer inspection, it might just be the rough.

Listed here on Craigslist in Bushwick Brooklyn (via President Auto Center) for $12,500, this W140 seems to fit the bill if priced a bit towards the higher end of the pricing spectrum. The color combo and mileage are big plusses here, but its immediately apparent that this car has quite a few needs: missing headliner from the sunroof shade, dead pixels in the cluster and illuminated dash lights for missing/dead bulb(s) do not a high-priced S500 make.

To add fuel to this fire, the seller proudly proclaims in the ad "THIS IS FLAWLESS". Obviously, the photos tell a different story. But not as different as the photos from the last time we saw this car for sale.

Back in September 2019, this very same car was offered for sale on "offerup" out of Tampa, Florida for a mere $3,500! That price was reflective of the car's condition as the link and below photos illustrate.

Despite the appeal of this car's mileage and color, there's a lot more digging to be done into its past and its near-certain mechanical needs. If this car sells for $12,500 then the W140 renaissance is officially upon us. We wont hold our breath...



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