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The Sky's the Limit: 2000 G500 Cabriolet

It seems with the introduction of the new W464 G Class, the infamous Geländewagen is more popular than ever. Dealers have waiting lists stretching more than 6 months out and even 10 year old G’s are retaining higher values than ever before. It seems the luxury 4x4 is here to stay and as we’ve seen with classic Land Rover Defenders, Toyota Land Cruisers, and Ford Broncos, the luxury market is paying a premium to have the classic models that can’t be bought in any old showroom. A perfect example and perhaps the ultimate collectible G Class, is the G Cabrio. This 2000 G500 was recently listed for sale on a Mercedes-specific facebook group and we’re surprised it’s not been listed in more places. Showing 108k miles, the owner is asking a firm $159,000 for this rare soft top 4x4.

Few details are given in the listing there’s so much more we’d like to know but the basics are covered. It appears to be in very nice shape and definitely doesn’t show like it reads 6 figures of mileage. That being said, these are tough trucks and can take decade over decade of abuse before they even think about complaining. The top is supposedly in good shape, the seals and rams typically need examined when buying, think R129’s from the same era. The M113 5.0 is supposedly performing well along the transfer case and locking differentials.

Although the asking price is steep and hard to justify when the facts are broken down, this specific example could command the price but there better be significant records and documentation to back it up. Given lower mileage examples (we're talking 50k less miles) have sold in the last couple years in the 130 +/- mark, we hope the seller is open to some light negotiation. At the rate values are climbing, we wouldn't be surprised if the next owner doesn't see much if any depreciation for the next several years.



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