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A Match Made in Vegas: The Weeknd and S-Klub's 300SL Speedster

Whether you enjoy football or prefer Formula 1, there’s no denying The Weeknd gave a Superbowl LV performance electrifying enough to supercharge fans for more than fourteen minutes. If you’re anything like us, it wasn’t the set list that had you mesmerized; it was the Gullwing Speedster ushering in the entire act from center stage. The show opened with the custom 300SL seemingly levitating as the focal point of a neon-clad, Las Vegas-style advertisement. The Weeknd behind the wheel and an awesome synth-based soundtrack building in the background made this Gullwing the co-star of the show, even if it had just over 30 seconds of screen time.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this car as it’s been capturing the attention of enthusiasts across social media platforms for several months. Built by John Sarkisyan out of Southern California (Slang500 on Instagram) and based on renderings by Alan Iwamoto, this isn’t the first time these pioneers have made waves in the Mercedes world. Most will recognize their previous Gullwing build from various features a few years back; An Outlaw 300SL Replica based on an SLK32 AMG. While the Speedster follows the same baseline as their original coupe, the attention to detail has been amplified ten-fold.

It’s a little known fact the wheelbase of the original 300SL is the same as the R170 SLK so naturally, an SLK32 AMG is the perfect base for one of these restomod recreations. For the purists here there are some genuine 300SL parts included in the build. The grille, tail lights, and badges are direct fit while the dashboard top technically is as well (although it’s been slightly reworked to ensure meticulous fitment). The doors, while no longer “Gullwings” have been converted to a scissor style and grab just as much attention when they pop open. Other various parts are taken from the Porsche world including the rearview mirror, the bucket seats, and the windscreen. The entire package is accented by multi piece HRE’s hugging a set of big Brembo brakes all tucked under the widened fender flares.

On the interior this Speedster is just as loud as the side-exit exhaust. A bright red, quilted leather adorns virtually every surface of the cabin, rear deck, and trunk all while hiding a myriad of goodies from a MacIntosh stereo to a complete digital Airlift suspension setup. Hints of the R170 SLK can be seen throughout but even these parts aren’t without S-Klub’s attention to detail. Even the custom gauges and leather straps throughout remind you exactly who built this car and all these details manage to capture a little of that Southern California custom car flair.

If the pairing of this 300SL Speedster and The Weeknd surprises you, it shouldn’t. For the last couple years the multi platinum artist has been on a Mercedes Benz kick including multiple features in his music videos, a joint ad with Mercedes-Benz for the electric Mercedes EQ, and even another Superbowl LV piece by way of a Pepsi ad featuring a sleek Black (040) 190SL. This entire campaign has been enveloped by the artist’s hit song Blinding Lights which, if you’ve seen the video, highlights The Weeknd hooning an AMG GT Roadster through empty Vegas streets. Maybe next time we’ll get to see S-Klub’s Outlaw 300SL in a video or feature but until then it’s enough to admire through photo galleries and halftime show replays.




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