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From The MB Market Stable: 50k-mile 1995 SL600 AMG

As you've probably discerned by now, we have a strong passion for all things AMG (RENNtech included, considering they're in the same bloodline). The strong, Sacco-esque sharp lines of the 80's and 90's always take us back to simpler times when engagement focused on big displacement and analog driving experiences. While there are many AMG cars that come to mind, today we're talking about this 1995 SL600 AMG which just so happens to be currently owned by one of our founders, Blakley Leonard. Over the years, Blakley has acquired a variety of rare Mercedes including a 1 of 1 RENNtech wagon, 560SEC AMG Widebody, and 190E 2.3-16v Cosworth among a few other rarities. Occasionally, one must sadly be passed on to the next driver in order to make room for another or in this case, three R129's in one garage seems a bit excessive so this one is now being offered exclusively on The MB Market.

Showing only 50k miles on the digital odometer, this 1995 SL600 AMG comes with a clean Carfax and a healthy list of maintenance receipts. As a 1995 model year, the most important item, being the wiring harnesses, have been replaced. Other notable items included on the maintenance receipts include the installation of a new ABC pump, injectors, and water temperature sensor. The M120 6.0L V12 engine was rated at 389 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque when new and is paired to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

The car is finished in Black (040) over Black Leather (571). The soft top is also black and in great condition. This triple black color combination pairs perfectly with the paint-matched wheels. In preparation for the sale, Blakley had a full paint correction performed on the car to rid the paint of blemishes. The paint shines brilliantly with no clear coat issues or dents.

In the cabin, the leather has been conditioned and remains free from any tears, showing only minimal creasing on the driver seat bolster. The woodgrain remains rich in color with no cracking although the slider on the center console does show some of the wood slats beginning to lift on the edges (pictures included in the gallery). A new headliner has been installed on the hardtop due to sagging which is a common issue with Benzes from this era.

Undercarriage photos are provided as well with no signs of any corrosion at all.

This 1995 SL600 AMG is equipped with a generation 1 AMG body kit including front and rear bumpers, side skirt, and a three-piece ducktail spoiler, all of which are stamped with AMG part numbers. While generation 2 AMG kits are fairly common, it's a rare sighting to find an early kit on a R129. Equally as rare and appealing are the period correct three-piece AMG wheels made by OZ Racing. The wheels measure 17x8.5 in the front and 17x10 in the rear and have been refinished. New Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires are equipped all around.

Only very subtle modifications have been performed by the seller which includes a swap from the standard US spec halogen headlights to Euro spec versions for a cleaner look. Additionally, high flow catalytic converters paired with a Magnaflow muffler help to capture the adrenaline infused thrust of the M120 V12. The exhaust tips remain period correct AMG tips to ensure the proper period correct appearance. On the interior, a new Continental TR7412 head unit is installed with bluetooth along with upgraded rear speakers.

The R129 has been steadily increasing in value over the last couple of years. Low mileage 600's seem to be leading that charge although all models are benefiting from the trend. This generation of SL is already revered as a modern and future classic. We've yet to see the real spike in values for these cars. While the R129 was produced in large production numbers, we've now reached an age where the vast majority of these cars have met the end of their road or the remaining survivors have higher mileage. The V12 models were by far the least produced with a little over 11k world wide and roughly 1,100 for 1995. This SL600 brings the best of everything together in one stunning package. It's low mileage, well-maintained, in a great color combination, and has the benefit of being outfitted with rare, period correct AMG parts. We doubt there will be many SL's quite like this to be offered on the open market. Asking price is set at $37,900 and interested parties may contact Blakley directly at



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