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Basic Bargain: No Frills 2002 E430

While the majority of us scouring the internet for our next Mercedes purchase are enthusiasts looking for something rare, special, or fast, there's also that side of us that knows we need reliability and comfort at an affordable price for daily life. That appears to be exactly what this 2002 E430 located in Houston, TX has to offer. Finished in Midnight Blue over Grey Leather, the color is uncommon amongst the majority of other W210's on the market. The seller states the car is a 1-owner with 93k miles and an asking price of only $3,500.

The E430 came optioned with 17" wheels standard which mimic an AMG monoblock style. Rated at 275 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, the 4.3L M113 offers reliability and more than enough power to keep up with modern day traffic. While pictures leave us with some questions, the car seems to be in relatively good shape from what can be seen. Without the VIN or better pictures it's difficult to confirm options but we can see no xenons and no heated seats. Even still, the Midnight Blue is enough of a trade off for us and as long as it checks out in person, it's hard to beat this much car for $3,500.

If you're going to inquire about this car we recommend a PPI to know what maintenance items might need addressing as well as ensuring no rust is present. If the car truly is a 1-owner and living in TX, we feel like the odds may be in your favor. While it's no E55, considering the price point of this E430 vs other comparable vehicles on the market today, this seems like a win for someone looking for a clean Mercedes at a bargain price.


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