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RHD Evolution II Tribute: 1989 190E 2.5-16v

It's no secret that the Evolution II spec 190E has become a staple in the automotive enthusiast world. Today, $200k is considered a very fair price if you manage to get the opportunity to make a play for one. This 1989 190E 2.5-16v attempts to pay tribute to the Evolution II with a replica body kit but also has some key elements from the factory to help add to it's legitimacy. The car can be found here in Miami, FL with 120k miles and an asking price of $59,500.

The car has been imported from the UK and is a right hand drive example from the factory. The car is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission known as the 'dog leg' transmission. Perhaps the most notable factory feature of this 190E is the 2.5-16v engine which was rated at 201 horsepower. While it's not as potent as the Evolution 2.5 engine, it is a step up from the former 2.3L version.

The interior has the highly desirable checkered cloth inserts between the Black Leather bucket seats. The car certainly isn't perfect as noted by the seller. The seats show a fair amount of wear and the steering wheel seems to have a strange "TKO" on the steering wheel. We were able to find pictures from a previous auction listing for the car as well which provides considerably better insight to the quality of the car. Aftermarket rear taillights and exhaust can be seen in the photos from the previous auction listing in 2018.

The body kit appears to be a replica with a slight variation from an original Evolution II. A set of amber corner lights and Evo II wheels would go a long way in increasing the visual appeal of the car. For us, the red wheels don't do it justice but it's certainly different, just not for everyone. Inspecting a build like this in person is a must for anyone thinking about dropping this kind of money. We have a feeling most would opt for an unmodified spec for the money, however, considering a real Evo II will run you near $200k maybe there's hidden value to be had.


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