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840 Horsepower, Cost vs Value: 2012 CLS63 AMG P30 RENNtech

What’s it worth to own a four door AMG that can outrun an Aventador? What if we told you there’s a way you could compete with supercars on your morning commute without paying a visit to every chiropractor you pass? What if $48,000 could buy a 2012 CLS63 AMG with 840 horsepower and 945 lb-ft of torque? Well, turns out you can but there’s a slight catch. This high-test four door coupe does exist but at some point in it’s life it had a slight fender bender. In fact the fender was so bent that it’s currently being offered with a rebuilt title and a supposed $200k invested. The listing can be found here on eBay out of Elizabeth, Colorado and while asking price is $48,000, it might be able to be had for a little less given it’s an active auction.

Before we get into the details of rebuilt titles, let’s look at some basic numbers. If this car were a clean example with the same mileage it would book out around $40k USD which isn’t terribly far off from where we expect this could be bought. The RENNtech R3 package alone retails for $22,980 and includes the RENNtech ECU Upgrade, Diverter Valve, Air Filters, Sport Mufflers, CF Airbox and Turbo Upgrade. Considering the performance numbers are higher yet, we suspect more has been added. The seller states the additional upgrades include: transmission internals, rear differential, half shafts and hubs, multi-piece RENNtech wheels, carbon fiber diffuser and exhaust tips, RENNtech adjustable rear suspension, AMG carbon ceramic brakes, camber kit, stainless steel brake lines, and last but not least a very capable integrated Passport radar detector. The car has reportedly been on the road reliably for five years since the accident (not much detail is given) and has been properly maintained and documented.

Dirty details aside, this CLS63 touts quite the data card. Finished in Indium Grey Metallic (963) over a Grey Nappa Leather, this is a striking combination on its own. For those unfamiliar with Indium, it may be called Grey but it’s really a warm bronze with a grey hue at best. The color pops in sunlight and is sure to pull in compliments at any gathering. The paint looks to be in fantastic shape but we’re having a hard time discerning what’s been painted and what hasn’t as a result of the accident; Perhaps it was the entire car. Most notably, this was originally a P30 (Performance Package) CLS and although that option seems to be rendered largely obsolete by the rest of the upgrades, it still counts for something on the build.

In whole, the value of this car largely remains up to the buyer to determine. For some, there could be a case to argue that it’s worth far less than book no matter how many upgrades it's seen or how clean it is. Others will say at the current asking price this CLS is a steal because of how much it would cost to build in comparison. The car could prove to be a great find for someone looking to feed a speed addiction. One thing we can all agree on, this car is fast, dumb fast.



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