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Ciao Fräulein: 1976 Mercedes-Benz 450SL in Milan Brown

When it comes to high volume production models in the collector's Mercedes market - like the R107 - distinctive options and/or colors are king when differentiating from the rest of the pack. These factors are doubled when dealing with vintage examples that are keenly representative of certain eras/decades that the model exemplifies.

Thus, having an decade-defining example in a era-correct color (especially a rare one) is an excellent recipe for a "sleeper keeper" collectible MB that will catch eyes - and wallets - for years to come.

Today's example - listed for No Reserve auction ending Tuesday afternoon on bringatrailer - is emblematic of that truth in all of the right ways. Finished in the rare shade of Milan Brown (404) over Bamboo/Palomino (204) leather, this rich roadster cuts quite the curbside visage for what would otherwise be a pedestrian spec R107.

Showing only 75,000 miles and with loads of recent mechanical and cosmetic refreshing, this V8 ragtop is ready for weekend enjoyment or daily duty if one so desires. According to the selling dealer, service earlier in 2020 included replacing the front shocks, brake lines, brake vacuum system and brake pads, transmission pan gasket, shift linkage bushings, right tie-rod, and dark brown soft top.

Notably, all recent work was completed by the renowned Phil's Euro in Clifton, NJ. The interior leather has been refreshed in the correct materials by the most recent (second) owner.

The selling dealer notes in the comments as follows:

"This is a really nice R107 that I drove throughout the summer and took care of the few things it needed to make it a nice drive during that time frame. It presents beautifully, with a really nicely refreshed interior, and brand new soft top. Milan Brown is an excellent color for the car and suits it perfectly. Just about every single person that either drives by, or walks by it comments on how beautiful the car and color is. If you have not seen Milan Brown in person, it is a fantastic shade, and an excellent color on these R107’s. There are a few blemishes as described in the write-up, however overall this is an excellent driver car that has been well sorted both mechanically and cosmetically.

A few things the auction write-up does not mention is that i’d like to point out:

The tires are brand new, under 100 miles old.

The oil leak is minimal as is common with R107’s, to the tune of 2-3 drops a week, but felt compelled to mention it in full transparency.

I have no reason to believe the mileage is anything but original, however BaT felt it necessary to list the car as TMU, due to lack of sufficient documentation. This should be approached based on your comfort regarding mileage. I believe I purchased the car from the second owner, with early documentation showing an owner in Florida, and the second owner being the person I purchased it from in Upstate NY."

At No Reserve and ending in just a few days, we have no reservations about taking a closer look at this brown beauty before it closes.


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