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1-Owner, Garage Kept: 1987 420SEL

Generally we get excited when we find a listing that’s buyer-conscious. This usually means it has lots of detailed photos, a complete or mostly complete service history, and write up describing current condition. (It’s difficult to give a true photographic description in less than 30 photos). In this case maybe we just take a few assumptions and appreciate the listing for what it is. This 1-owner, garage kept 1987 420SEL can be found here on Facebook Marketplace in Englewood, FL.

“1986 420SEL, sunroof, all leather, loaded.1 owner garage kept”- As the buyer, it’s definitely enough to entice us to pick up the phone or write an email. In addition to the short and sweet pitch we get four photos of this Nautical Blue Pearl over Beige SEL. Judging by the typical signs of a tired W126, this car seems nice. The rear seat pockets aren’t sagging, the rear suspension seems to be sitting level, and the lower cladding looks to still retain some luster. In a couple photos a period-correct contrasting pinstripe is visible and lets us believe this car hasn’t been repainted. The odometer shows only 60k miles and a couple grille badges adorn the nose of the car. Altogether we hope this W126 is just as nice as we’re making it out to be. If anyone has the chance to see it, let us know. Either way for $6,500, this is a good deal and needs to be shared.


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