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1-Owner Garage Queen: 3k-mile 2007 CLK550

It's no secret that the lower mileage, the higher the price. While there are of course many items that should be tended to for extremely low mileage vehicles, as long as they check out they're considered the cream of the crop. Found outside of Seattle, Washington, this 2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK550 has only 3,353 miles since new. The seller unfortunately deprives us from seeing the car as a whole with only 4 photos in the listing. Typically, 4 photos won't cut it when you're asking $39,000 for a 2007 CLK550 but then again, find another one with similar mileage.

From the 4 photos, we can see that the odometer is low, paint looks nice, and leather looks untouched. Basically, if you're going to drop this kind of coin for this kind of car we strongly encourage an in-person inspection. We have to admit, the paint does look extremely pristine in the 2 photos. Even under the garage lighting, no swirls or imperfections are seen. It's definitely a plus to see the car is kept on a battery tender to keep the battery in good health with such minimal driving.

This CLK550 is equipped with the Sport Package which offers AMG-styled bumpers and side skirts. Color appears to be Granite Grey (747) which we must admit is a fantastic color not seen often enough. The leather is still tight and shows no creasing which is on par with the mileage.

While it's certainly up for debate if this car is worth the asking price now, we think it's safe to say that in time it will... but of course that will require another decade or more of garage time and continued maintenance. The car has been with the original owner for all 3k miles and stored in a heated garage. Good luck to any potential buyers and we hope to see this on the auction block in the future.


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