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$230,000 Track Weapon: 2020 AMG GT-R Coupe

It’s not often we write up new cars but it’s not often you can buy a pseudo-homologation special from a dealer. This 2020 AMG GT-R Pro Coupe can be found here at Mercedes-Benz of Laguna Niguel, CA for $233,520. We know it’s pricey but stay with us….this is the one.

It’s safe to say anyone shopping for a new AMG GT can have their pick of the market at the touch of a button. Coupes and Roadsters of all colors and options are available across the dealer network. Someone at Mercedes-Benz of Laguna Niguel was paying attention the day this car was ordered. Showing over $56,000 worth of options including the factory track-prep that is the GT-R Pro package for $22,950. This package takes your otherwise normal GT-R and gives it Front Axle Adjustable Carbon Fiber Sway Bar, AMG Exterior Carbon Fiber Package I, carbon fiber front splitter, front fender fins, lateral side skirt inserts and rear diffuser, AMG Exterior Carbon Fiber Package II, carbon fiber side view mirror housings, Carbon Fiber Rear Fixed Wing w/Lateral End Plates, Manually Adjustable Coil Over Suspension, and larger splitters.

We don’t really get ramped up until the color comes into play. An exclusive Designo option in Gulf Blue with orange stripes and wing inserts makes us think this car would look more at home on the Laguna Seca Corkscrew or perhaps storming Paddock Hill at Brands Hatch. Open the door and the Designo magic continues by way of matching orange stitching on the door cards, leather dashboard, and seats. If it were us, we’d check about an option to swap out the yellow seat belts for orange as well but perhaps that’s not an option. Other convenience packages finish the GT-R Pro nicely including, a 1000 watt Burmester stereo, carbon-fiber exterior package, and a fitted OEM indoor car cover.

We know most weekend warrior track cars aren’t going to be over $200k from the showroom floor but if we bought this, it would be too difficult to keep it off the track. Perhaps we could even order a matching Gulf-themed G Class for the tow rig.



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