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35k-mile w163: 2005 ML350 4Matic

Typically when we find a w163 to list it's an AMG. This one, however, is only a standard ML350 but it's arguably the nicest one you'll find on the market. Located in Oregon with only 35k miles, the seller describes this 2005 ML350 4matic as "almost new." The pictures provided do give us the sense that this w163 is in truly pristine condition. As a bonus, 2005 is the last year model for the w163.

On the exterior, the Platinum Blue Metallic (353) paint appears to be in excellent condition. The headlights look new which is saying something as they're normally oxidized, yellowed, and hazy. The bumpers are all intact and free from scrapes which you'll find is strangely an issue with the majority of w163's on the market.

The seats appear barely sat in with no creasing or wear. The seller has preserved the OEM floor mats which are pictured in the trunk and uses all weather rubber mats. The woodgrain is also still rich in color with no fading or cracking that we can see. Even the door sill appears to be in near perfect condition. Often times, the rear headrests get lost over time as many people take them off when folding down the seats yet this one has them all. It's details like this make us feel confident in the care this ML has received over the years.

The seller states the ML will come with exceptional maintenance records from the local Mercedes-Benz dealership. At a near $40k SUV when new, $12,900 seems like a fair asking price for what one might consider to be a Certified Preowned condition vehicle. The color isn't for everyone and the early w163's were not known for their quality, but these later models have proven to be great drivers and the majority on the market today have been well -used, leaving this lone ML350 to be somewhat of anomaly.


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