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500E Look at No Reserve: 1994 E420

Today's market has seen constant appreciation in values for w124 500E/E500's putting them out of reach for some buyers in recent years. We'd be lying if we said attempting to make a 400E/E420 look like 500 had never crossed our mind. The menacing look of the 500 with it's widened fenders and bumper covers adds so much presence to the car, making it immensely more desirable. When you start really looking into such an undertaking, you'll quickly realize it's not as simple as just swapping some fenders. From a purely exterior aesthetic, the front fenders, rear fenders, both bumpers, and lower cladding are all 500 specific. Keep in mind the rear fenders are more than just a mere swap. A brave soul has pulled off this feat and honestly it looks pretty good. The car also has some nice upgrades and wears staggered AMG monoblocks.

This 1994 E420 has a RENNtech ECU chip and airbox in addition to wearing a full 500E bodykit. The exhaust has been upgraded to Remus and the car maintains a stock interior aside from an upgraded stereo. The woodgrain and leather interior appears to be in excellent condition, especially considering the mileage. The front fenders, specifically the passenger side, do appear to be slightly mismatched in shade of the Brilliant Silver (744) paint.

While this E420 does have 149k-miles, condition does appear very nice all things considered. Some typical scrapes and bruises can be found up close around the body. This car can be found on Bring-a-Trailer with the auction scheduled to end at 4:30EST on August 14th. The most interesting factor about this auction is that it is being sold at no reserve. If this were a standard E420 in the same condition with 149k-miles, we would estimate this car would sell around $5-7k. On the other hand, even the worst examples of 500E's today are in the high teens approaching $20k. So where do you think that puts this car?



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