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70's Coupe with 70's Colors: 1973 450SLC

Once again we’re left green with envy over an interior reminiscent of the 70’s. This 1973 450SLC was recently posted for sale in Detroit with 56k miles on the clock and thorough documentation. It needs a little love to be perfect but then again the light patina on this car is slightly endearing given the options and colors. The listing can be found here on Craigslist with an asking price of $12,900.

Finished in Silver Green Metallic (DB 861) over Avocado Green, this SLC seems to be the embodiment of 70’s car design philosophy. The seats retain a pleasant luster and color without looking restored or refinished. While the carpet is original, the floor mats do appear to have been replaced at some point but look great and seem to be OEM or comparable quality. Moving up the center console, all the switchgear looks to be intact and even the dash appears crack-free.

On the exterior, the body is straight and paint looks original as the hood, roof, and deck lid paint displays assun-faded faded and more worn than the sides. Given the originality of the interior, we aren’t offended by the condition of the paint and enjoy that this SLC is more survivor than restoration. Under the car the idea of originality continues as most areas appear clean and untouched while some suspension components display light corrosion. The exhaust has been replaced recently as it appears virtually new.

Not too many flaws jump out but pay close attention to the under-door photos. It seems given some light scuffing the doors could use some adjustment and they’re potentially rubbing against the door sills or seals as they open and close. This isn’t a hard task and only takes a few moments.

Altogether, this SLC seems to be well kept and priced nicely given condition, records, and originality. Prospective buyers should ask about more in-depth records and make sure they know what accessories/electronics work or don’t work- also be sure to check the sunroof seals before getting caught in a rainstorm. With a little homework, this could be a great find and provide the next driver with another three decades of pleasure cruising in this 70’s coupe.



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