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90's Sleeper Trapped in Market Slumber: 1997 Renntech E60 RS

Here’s one of our favorite cars currently on the market, in fact, the W210 Renntech E60 RS is one of our favorite cars ever built. We wrote about this specific E60 RS back in January when it was listed for $49,900. Much to our surprise this car is still listed for sale but now with a significant price drop. You can find it here on eBay for $33,900 out of Saint Louis, MO.

Equipped with a M119 motor custom built and bored to 6.0L by Renntech, this sedan was a riot. Pushing out 434 horsepower and 535 lb-ft of torque the E60 RS was capable of 200+ mph top speeds. To handle the additional power, the transmission was reinforced as well as full suspension. Of course you need enormous brembo brakes under the monolite wheels to slow you down. Renntech also added full exhaust, LSD, and alcantara leather with piano woodgrain. Our favorite aesthetic is the custom flared fenders which house lots of rubber. If there was ever a successor to the Hammer, this is it. With a rumored 60 units in total produced, these are very unusual to see listed for sale on the open market for this length of time.

It’s fair to say no two E60 RS’s were the same from Renntech. Most (M119 powered examples) started life as E420’s and were built by Rentech a-la-carte to the owner’s individual preferences and desires. This is the first time we’ve seen the black piano lacquer on the trim and steering wheel on an E60. Additionally, the alcantara inserts on the OEM leather seats and door cards are new to us- we had hoped the initial build included Recros.

It seems some other minute details were added, no telling if by Renntech or later in the car's life. All the badges seem to have been removed from the car including the hood badge completely shaved and filled. In addition a modern touch screen clutters the center console. We’d love to see a 90’s COMMAND system retrofitted but we’re left wondering where the climate controls have been stuffed. Perhaps in the upper storage compartment or maybe the screen controls climate as well as A/V.

We’ve attempted to contact the selling dealer but can’t seem to get a response. If anyone knows this car or has access to an in-person inspection we’d love to know more about it. At the rate the asking price is dropping, a gamble may be called for around $30k considering this E60 RS is only showing 70k original miles.

Up until the last couple years these Renntech W210's have been undervalued. From the bespoke bodywork to the built M119's and M113's these cars were special. In 2019, two of these E60's were featured at Legends of the Autobahn, one previously owned by our co-founder Blakley Leonard and the other owned by and built for famed Porsche collector and comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The Seinfeld car still on display with the MB Classics Center in Irvine, CA after it was saved from the crusher. These cars will never be built like this again and need to be preserved. Let us know if you think we should buy and save this one.



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