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90's Supercar in Disguise: 1992 S70 AMG

Talk about untapped or overlooked markets… this search led us to Dublin, Ireland where one of the rarest AMG’s out of the 90’s is currently housed for sale. The dealer, Deane Motors, is a small but potent operation seeming to specialize in 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s rarities. These finds include several classic Mercedes, a couple Alpinas, and even a 1968, numbers matching, 440 RT Dodge Charger. As we’re not here to discuss muscle cars in Europe, the specific car we’re checking out is a 1992 S70 AMG. The listing can be found here on the Deane Motors website with an undisclosed price attached.

As one of only eighteen S70’s produced, this supercar disguised as a W140 started life in Japan as a special commission from AMG. The odometer shows a very mild 67k kilometers on the clock and although the selling dealer does a nice job of summarizing the model history, we’re left wondering how this car fared over the years and how it came to be listed for sale in Dublin, Ireland.

A VIN search leads to a lot of dead ends which tells us this car hasn’t been on the market long and it seems to have not traded hands publicly. Recent service work includes an engine and gearbox service (details on the specifics may be needed), new brakes all around and a refurb of all 4 wheels. The dealer notes the Blue-Black Metallic (199) paint is nearly flawless and appears to be repaint-free.

As this S70 was a special order, the datacard shows some nice options including the rarely-seen individual rear seat option and a lot of extended wood throughout the cabin including an insert around the gauges in the cluster. That same cluster, which appears to be the embodiment of luxury, hints that this S70 is hiding one hell of a secret- a 300km/h speedometer that’s definitely not for show. AMG’s most significant modification, amidst the body kit, two-piece BBS Monoblock style wheels, suspension, exhaust, and other typical performance enhancers, was the 7.0 M120 V12. Yes, that's the same engine Pagani picked up for use in the Zonda which powers this early 90’s S Class from 0-60 in 5.2 seconds although it’s been said a sub-5 second time can be recorded. Almost 500 horsepower are hiding under the hood but the staggering 530lb-ft of torque is what wakes this car up.

Given the price isn’t listed, we can’t speak to the deal specifics of this car but then again, that’s not really why we’re here. This is a fairly quiet representation of a legendary AMG that’s almost always unobtainable. It could absolutely be driven every day but would make a phenomenal addition to any collection. As it’s well past the importation time frame, we’d love to see this car head stateside but hope to see it find any good home where it will be appreciated and loved rather than tucked away and forgotten.



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