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A Beautiful Brute: 2008 CL65 AMG Designo Graphite Edition

Recently we’ve been shifting our attention to a dealer in Brooklyn, NY with a surprising amount of Designo-trimmed modern Mercedes. One of the cars that really stands out is this 2008 CL65 AMG Designo Graphite Edition. It can be found listed here on the dealer's website for $29,900 and shows a moderate 111k miles.

$209k was the magic number to get this car out of showrooms and into garages in 2008. Almost 7k of that was just the addition of the Designo options and trim. Although this package was a small fraction of the car's cost, it presented itself in a big way compared to other CL65’s. The Designo Graphite Edition included a lot of great options including a heated steering wheel and alcantara headliner but the showstopper was the leather and wood combination. Trimmed in Designo Corteccia leather (X49) and accented by Natural Grain Matte Oak Wood (W21), Designo managed to create one of the prettiest combinations since the 90’s on a car that revived the true feel of a large pillarless coupe. Other notable options include NIght View Assist and Multi-Contour Seats but it’s worth mentioning these cars were built with almost every option standard.

Once you’re past the Designo treats, you almost forget there’s a fire-breathing AMG M275 V12 under the hood ready to dole out more than 600 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. With a tune this CL65 might be able to reverse the Earth’s spin if the tires manage to maintain grip. This 5,000lb coupe managed 0-60 in just over 4 seconds and although the top speed was limited to 155mph it was capable of 211mph naturally.

Of course these big-ticket cars are always susceptible to large drops in value, it’s one of the reasons we love the pre-owned market, but at 29k USD, this is a downright deal for the performance. Buyers should remember that although this CL runs like a 200k luxury car, it also breaks like one. Parts and repairs aren’t cheap for this kind of engineering but when compared to the previous generation, this CL is quite reliable if maintained.



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