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A Brabus Nod Revisits the Market: 1998 S500

To the avid W140 hunters amongst our subscribers, this 1998 S500 might look familiar as it was last seen for sale in January of this year. It’s now listed again with slightly fewer photos and a higher price tag. The current listing can be seen here on Facebook Marketplace for a whopping $20,000. Although this car has some prestigious receipts associated and a good bit of work, it’s probably priced a little high given the odometer is showing 120k miles.

Finished in Glacier White over Beige, this W140 certainly shows nicely and appears to be well kept although the active listing doesn’t lend much insight. When we looked at this car last year it was listed for sale in Brooklyn, NY and was sold complete with receipts from Brabus regarding some miscellaneous parts and interior bits along with some decent service receipts and maintenance records. Asking price wasn’t anywhere close to the current 20k mark and as far as we can tell, the only addition to this car since January is the aftermarket taillight set.

The interior was previously refinished to the style of Brabus influence in diamond stitching, larger screens, and of course the “Brabus B” in the headrests. Altogether it presents nicely but for 2020 edges towards a nice resto mod in form and function rather than a period-correct build. The car appears to be functioning well and is equipped with all the typical features along including the model-elusive parktronic.

We managed to dig up the previous listing photos and have added them to the gallery below alongside the current shots. If anyone knows this car, perhaps some light can be shed on the history and asking price. We’re not saying w140’s aren’t worth 20k but given the lack of information we have a hard time justifying that number.



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