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A Color Scheme for the Seasoned Driver: 1999 S420 w/ 56k miles

Every time we stumble across another low mileage W140 we expect it to be one of the last but cars like today’s find continue to pop up on classifieds or under auctions. While some of these cars can be traced through pages of internet research or back to original listings clearly showing the seller's intent to flip, this 1999 S420 seems to check out under the ownership heading. It’s listed across several platforms including Craigslist, eBay, and Marketplace but can be found listed with the dealer here complete with a carfax report. Only 56k miles are shown on the odometer and can be verified via the included report. Asking price is a reasonable $13,500.

Finished in Smoke Silver Metallic (702) over Beige leather, this isn’t exactly an uncommon color sighting but it is a palette that’s rarely used on the more modern S-Classes and is extremely rare to see on the current iterations in today’s showrooms. As many would call it “Old Man Tan”, we love seeing the Smoke Silvers, the Travertine Beiges, and other metallic Golds. They remind us that these cars can present themselves with an element of grace and subtlety. Given the mileage on this one, we’re not surprised to see the paint and body in excellent condition. Even the fade-prone lower cladding seems to retain a deep factory finish as though it’s been garaged most of its life. After reviewing the carfax, minor damage was reported to the rear right corner of the car. This is typically a small scuff or nick in the paint compared to dents and major paintwork. We would recommend an in-person inspection given this small detail and how well photos can be manipulated.

The interior presents just as nicely along with the wood trim and various finishes throughout the cabin. Two small details worth noting are the tilted/lifted armrest in the photos and the small wiring cover plate just in front of the overhead rear view mirror. The armrest, which could just be stuck on the factory phone chord, should lower and latch easily which we suspect is an easy fix. The trim piece/cover, equally as easy to fix, may indicate a previous repair and should be paid attention during an inspection. Otherwise, the cabin appears fairly flawless and displays nicely considering the age of this W140.

To some this price may seem steep considering many of us remember when this same car could be had for half this price less than 10 years back. Given the mileage and condition we have a hard time arguing with the dealers asking price but we’re willing to bet a similar car could be had in the same price range with more features/options. Nonetheless, this is a timeless W140 in the right wheelbase and a classic color combination so replication will be very difficult for buyers actively hunting.



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