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A Coupe Fit for a King...Or a Dictator: 2012 Xenatec Maybach Coupe

In 2010 a German coach builder by the name of Xenatec announced the Maybach 57 Coupe. The company had plans to build 100 examples for discerning clients but only 6 ever trickled out of their workshop selling for north of $800,000 a piece. In 2011 the company fired 47 of their 68 employees due to high production costs and poor management. The remaining 21 employees were let go shortly after and Xenatec was liquidated as an investor couldn’t be found to save the company. While Xenatec was floundering in 2011, one of these custom coupes remained in their workshop instead of being delivered to the buyer. This particular customer, authoritarian dictator Muammar Gaddafi, was plagued by his own crisis at the time. Brought on by decades of ruthless self-imposed rule and oppression, he was living in a drainage pipe with several armed guards just West of Sirte, Libya. Nonetheless, the coupe, while paid for and specced by Gaddafi, never made it to LIbya as the dictator was assassinated and his regime toppled in October of 2011. Fast forward to 2021 and again we turn our attention to Auto Leitner out of Alkmaar, Netherlands where this coupe is currently offered for sale.

Showing only 2,300km (1,430 miles), this coupe is claimed to be the lowest mileage Xenatec build on the roads. It’s finished in a lovely Sonderlack (meaning Special Paint) gloss Beige two tone scheme especially picked by Gaddafi. In addition to the paint, every box seems to be checked including a heated steering wheel, rear seat refrigerator, and telephone. The seats follow the same color scheme as the exterior in what we can only imagine is the softest Nappa Hide leather with Creme bolsters, dark Beige seat centers, and a Cocoa upper dash along with Beige carpets and headliner. Compared to all the Black, Silver, and Grey Maybachs, this example really does stand out for the palette alone. Some of the provided shots of the side profile really give a solid ides of how much more windshield rake was given to these cars by Xenatec and continually points to the work that went into these builds.

Asking price is a cool €961,950 or roughly $1.16mm and considering the original sale price wasn’t too far from this mark, it’s proven to hold value better than most Maybachs from the same era. That number is certainly bolstered by the mileage, spec, condition, and of course the name on the initial buyers order (Which we hope is included). All that’s left is to throw a couple gold-plated Desert Eagles in the glovebox and enjoy a car that comes with an interesting history and a guarantee that it won’t be duplicated in the Starbucks drive through.



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