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A Cure for the Blues: 2001 ML55 AMG

We said we needed some blue cars and so far we’re not disappointed. LIsted just several days ago on CarGurus, this 2001 Azurite Blue Metallic (366) ML55 AMG is a great deal and one of the cleaner ML55’s currently for sale. It can be found here on CarGurus in California listed for $8,995.

Showing only 102k miles under a 2 owner history, this has to be one of the cleanest ML55’s out there. We’re pleased to see most of the bits typically missing or worn on these cars are present (With the exception of a headlamp washer cover.) For that one cover, the rest of the ML looks great, from the OEM floor mats to the clear headlamp lenses, and multiple keys. Also included is the factory spare tire cover (which strangely goes missing in many ML55’s.)

We’d like to see some service records as these tend to eat bushings and rubber bits due to the weight and handling ability. The on-site history check came back free of accidents and title issues and that’s a great start for this rare ML55. A few notable details we'd want to ask about would be the blue tape at the top of the windshield, the remaining headlamp washer cover and whether or not it's loose, and the condition of the dashboard under the cover. Also, keep in mind window regulators and door lock actuators tend to go on these so it's good to ask in advance. The AMG M113’s are reliably good for hundreds of thousands of miles and can be used as a work horse if needed with standard maintenance and upkeep. At that, they can also tackle a twisty back road or two between grocery store runs and coffee breaks.

At this price point and mileage, we don’t expect this ML55 to last long. So, if this is a model you’ve been biding your time for, there’s a good chance this is the one. Values for these have been rising in the past couple years and should keep going up given the limited production and limited availability. Good luck finding another like this any time soon.



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