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A Pearl with Grit: 1987 560SL

If we’re discussing hot markets in 2020 and specifically, hot cars, the late R107 560SL is close to the top of the list. With new sales records being set almost monthly through online sales and auctions the 560SL is officially retro-cool and collectible. Clean examples can be seen selling north of $50,000 with low miles and solid provenance, and although we respect the market, that’s a lot of coin when examples like this 1987 560SL are out there for the taking. This listing can be found here on Facebook Marketplace in Atlanta, Georgia. With 172k on the clock, this car is listed for a wonderfully reasonable $11,700 and comes complete with paperwork, a clean history, and documented ownership.

Finished in a very desirable Black Pearl (199) over Middle Red (245), this 560SL immediately sets itself apart from the rest of the R107’s in this price range as most are Red over Beige or White over Black. Although the listing photos are a little more artistic than descriptive, most angles and corners have been covered. The car appears to be in fantastic shape on the outside and seems to have avoided normal wear and tear for more than 30 years. We’d recommend an in-person visit before pulling the trigger just in case a detail or two have been skipped in the listing shots. As a side note, although we love pinstripes, we’d want to relocate the stripe on this car to the proper belt line just above the door handle.

The Middle Red (245) interior displays as nicely as the exterior and given the age along with the high mileage, we’re inclined to believe the seats have been recovered recently. The work appears to be correct and even the carpet presents itself well. There does appear to be some minor cracks on dash, a common fault on all R107's.

Altogether this is the perfect candidate for buyers waiting to find the ideal daily driver to fully embrace the R107 lifestyle. The mileage wouldn’t scare us given the solid maintenance history and we wouldn’t hesitate to drive it in all weather or seasons. The cosmetics ensure this car can make you think it’s worth four times the price as may even surprise a few onlookers at local car shows.



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