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A Project with real promise: 1 of 50 1981 Koenig Specials R107

Every so often we come across a project car that is also a sound financial decision - today's car is definitely not one of those times. So if you are looking to get into something that "will be worth what you put into it" financially, you should probably keep hunting. However, if you are more concerned about spending your hard earned money and invaluable time on something that could be utterly bad-to-the-bone when the dust settles, then this is definitely the car for you. What we have here is a one of just fifty produced Mercedes SL Koenig Specials (KS).

Found here on EBay, this 1981 R107 is a work-in-progress (well, was a work-in-progress), but is now up for grabs for a new owner to see the job through to the finish line. There's plenty to like from where we're sitting: Rare production (did we mention it was 1 of just 50), bold styling, a restoration with most of leg work having already been completed and above all, a complete car (according to the seller) with all the rare parts still in tact. The car also comes with paperwork from Koenig confirming its authenticity, wears a set of really nice (although incorrect) 3-piece Compomotive wheels, and is a welcomed departure from the W126 bodied cars that we are accustomed to seeing these "Testarossa Style" widebody kits on. We also enjoy the fact that the car's paint color has yet to be determined, leaving it up to the new owner to determine just how wild they'd like to take things.

However when you sit down and do the numbers, that's where things get put into perspective. At an ask of nearly $19k, (assuming you are a U.S based buyer) you are looking at an easy 3-4k in import shipping costs, import duties, broker fees, etc. You would then need to go down to your local DMV and pay sales tax on the car (you can probably hold off on registration until the car is ready for the road), get it insured, and get yourself situated to start putting her back together. So at nearly $25k, you are now ready to start getting to work! We won't try and speculate what the car will need from this point on, but it will certainly come with a hefty price tag if done correctly. To boot, the seller states there have been no engine modifications to the stock 3.8L M116. Had there been a 5.0L fitted with a Kompressor under the hood, the financial feasibility of it all might have never come into question.

So what do you think - Is this the project you've been waiting for? Here are a few of our favorite finished looks to inspire the potential new owner.


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