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A Retro Color Combination for a Modern Wagon: 2016 E350 4Matic

For decades we’ve been almost obsessed with wagons, completely infatuated at times with wagons in rare specs or even for a single option. We’d be willing to bet most enthusiasts get even a little excited when they find out a wagon has a rear-facing third row. For enthusiasts like us, wagons are fun to drive and offer SUV-comparable cargo space so we feel we’re getting the best of both worlds. On top of that they’re rare and in odd specs, ultra rare within the wagon community. This 2016 E350 Wagon is exactly why we continue to love wagons even if we can’t behind their modern sedan counterparts. The car can be found listed here with Lancaster County Motors in Lancaster, Pa for 28,826.

Finished in a beautiful Dolomite Brown Metallic (526) over Brown Leather, this car immediately presents itself with massive road presence. The optioned Sport Package definitely helps given the slightly more aggressive lines and ride height while the optioned Lighting Package offers a futuristic juxtaposition to the groovy Dolomite paint.

This specific wagon has a healthy 73,784 on the odometer but if we had to guess by looking, we wouldn’t have guessed anything over 30k. Where most 212’s have faded trim this one appears to have been garage kept and parked most of its life. The wheels, largely in nice shape, show minor curb rash on the passenger side (most likely from parallel parking). The rear-facing third row isn’t shown flipped up but we assume it’s finished in Anthracite MB Tex vs Brown Leather as the VIN breakdown doesn’t specify any special order.

Altogether this is a well-driven and well cared for wagon destined for another 70k miles of enjoyment with next owners. From home improvement projects to grocery runs, and family trips, these wagons keep a very special subset of motoring culture alive and well way past its prime. We’re confident whoever buys this will be thrilled to call it theirs.



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