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A Shot of Espresso for the W220: 2002 S500 Designo Edition

Depending on who you ask, the W220 S Class (2000-2006) was either a revolutionary turning point for modern Mercedes or it signified the day the company lost track of their roots. We happen to sit somewhere in the middle of this argument but can’t deny a properly functioning W220 is still one of the nicest places to spend any extended time behind a steering wheel. This 2002 S500 can be found listed here on Craigslist for $5,750 and is showing a very young 85k miles on the digital clock.

Shopping for a W220 is much more difficult than most would assume. It’s a balancing act of consideration between maintenance, history, production year, price, and model. Most buyers opt for the facelifted models but a few of the pre-facelifts could tempt us….this is one of those situations. Finished in the rare Designo Espresso trim, this S500 displays a warm color combination and is finished in Designo Mocha Black Metallic over Espresso Nappa hide.

These Designo S500’s came loaded with virtually every option but one box was checked that we rarely see and that’s the Sport Package on this car. AMG styling touches on the ground effects, wheels, exhaust, and suspension making this S500 look like an early S55 AMG.

Overall this car appears to be in stellar shape and the leather even seems to be well cared for. Not much information is given on maintenance and service history so we’d recommend asking the seller for any records. As long as ABC and bushing/suspension bits have been looked after, you’re most likely looking at a nice W220. Other telling marks on this car are the wheel condition, cleanliness, and inclusion of the original Designo floor mats. Yes we nerd out over floor mats a lot but once you're faced with replacing a set that's no longer in production, it makes life much easier to find them with the car.



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