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A Southern Transplant: 1992 500E

The W124 500E/E500 market shows no signs of slowing down while W210 E55’s have caught up. It’s becoming rarer that we see new 500E’s pop up but still happens every month or two. Spotted for sale overnight just outside of Chicago, Illinois, this 1992 500E is a newcomer to the current market and priced as such. It can be found listed here on Craigslist for $24k USD and shows 176k miles on the clock. It does come complete with some interesting accessories and above average maintenance.

If this car looks a little too clean to be an Illinois car, that’s because it predominantly lived in Georgia for the last twenty-eight years. The seller states the car suffers from absolutely no rust as a result of its southern life and insists it’s been very well cared for. The Black Pearl (199) paint does appear to be well kept although in some shots used for the listing seems to be in need of a light polish around the corners- Nothing a quality detail can't fix. The taillights appear to be smoked, aftermarket versions and it's worth asking if the OEM lenses are still with the car. Otherwise the car displays nicely and certainly looks to be an enthusiast’s driver based on the added 18" AMG Monoblock wheels.

The interior seems to be in very nice shape as all the usual wear points appear to be in above average condition. The wood displays nicely and still retains a factory look (save for a couple cracks around the window switches) while the carpets look as good as anyone could hope for. We would want to get a peek under the steering wheel cover just for peace of mind although a replacement isn’t difficult to find if it’s needed. Take a peek below the map light and you’ll notice a perfectly period correct K40 Anti-Radar unit mounted to the headliner.

Altogether, this 500E seems to be exactly as described complete with solid maintenance history (including recent head gaskets) and documented ownership. If you’re looking for the perfect one to stuff away in a shed and forget about, look somewhere else. This is the perfect car for the enthusiast longing for analog controls, minimal tech, and a highway bruiser that can keep pace with today's turbo toys.



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