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A Weis Choice? 36k-mile 2005 E55 AMG with Weistec, Kleemann & Carlsson Goodies

The W211 E55 has long been lauded as not only a wonderful and powerful example in stock form but, due to the robust M113k engine, its also an excellent platform for upgrading and maximizing performance.

Today's offering is just such an example. Offered for sale by Platinum Motor Cars of Detroit, this 2005 E55 features upgrades and add-ons from three excellent aftermarket tuning providers for all things MB: Weistec, Kleemann & Carlsson.

Before we get to the mods, its worth noting that this example already has some great things going for it out of the gate. As a clean Carfax, 36,000-mile example with only three owners, this would be an excellent collectible W211 on its own given how many of these have been chewed up and spit out by hard-riding owners and dime-store tuning shops.

Perhaps most interesting, to us, is the (252) blue leather interior option on this car. Pairing well with the Brilliant Silver Metallic (744) paintwork, the interior received blue colored inserts on the seats and door panels both front and rear. While the rest of the interior, like the console trim and dash - retain anthracite coloring throughout, the subtle blast of color does a lot to awaken what would otherwise be a rather pedestrian color combo on a high production number AMG sedan.

The car is otherwise well-optioned with Bi-Xenon cornering lenses, front Dynamic seats, Alcantara headliner, Keyless Go, Parktronic and a rear roller blind.

But this car is more than what it came with from the factory. The prior owners have upgraded the M113k with a Weistec supercharger, Kleemann supersport cams, Kleemann long tube headers and a Carlsson front/chin spoiler. While no power numbers are offered by the selling dealer, we know the Weistec supercharger alone raises the M113k's power output to an incredible 680bhp and 724 ft-lbs of torque. Adding the Kleemann headers & cams will only bolster those numbers and we're assuming some form of ECU tuning has been performed in order to support these heavy power add-ons as well. Suffice to say, its not unreasonable to assume this beast is pushing well over 700bhp and nearly 750 ft-lbs of torque! Those are insane figures for a small, W211 sedan and we'd love to see this tire-melting machine perform its pony tricks on the track.

Although not mentioned by the selling dealer, this car appears to also be wearing titanium two-piece AMG wheels from the W215 CL65 AMG coupe; an expensive addition for sure, if they are indeed factory CL65 wheels.

Condition on this car appears to be excellent, which is to be expected given the low miles traveled over a decade and a half of ownership. Whether its worth the seller's $35,995 asking price is another question altogether.

While this is certainly well above the market for most W211 E55 sedans - even low mile ones - individual buyers will need to determine whether the interesting interior options and pricey upgrades translate to a whopping value of almost $36k. While it may be a tough sell to get there, we suspect in future years we'll be kicking ourselves for not finding (and preserving) stellar, low-mile examples such as these for the future.


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