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Already Sold but not Overlooked: S124 E36 AMG Tribute

Our friends at RMC Miami seem to have done it again but this time their efforts may have gone unnoticed by some. A recent post on their Instagram page reveals that they’ve once again acquired and sold another intriguing Mercedes all before it could hit their website for some limelight. We don’t have a link other than to the photos we’ve posted but this is the kind of deal that continually sticks RMC Miami on our watch list week after week.

This S124 E36 (E36 Wagon) tribute build looks like it’s arrived straight out of Japan with an abundance of interesting parts, both AMG and other. The rear badging reads E36 but as no details are given we’re unclear as to what engine actually propels this sports-tuned wagon but if it is a 3.6 AMG M104, kudos to the builder. RMC notes this car has been “tuned” by Echigoya which if you frequent the 500E boards, could mean anything from custom built intakes to reworking and tweaking the entire vehicle.

It’s finished in a sharp Midnight Blue gloss paint with paint matched AMG Aero II Monoblocks, AMG ground effects, and some custom fender flares. Although we’d love to see a set of Aero III’s set this car off, we can’t complain about the wheels, they’re a fantastic addition. Peeking through the Mono’s are some bright red Porsche calipers with two piece rotors. The stock suspension has been replaced with custom valved Bilstein shocks and custom H&R springs, presumably with custom rates for the added rear weight of the wagon. Other modifications include custom intakes, most likely Echigoya, a built transmission, and a limited slip diff (no type given).

The Blue cloth seats have been left alone, which really adds to the charm and character of this wagon as all the carpets and door cards match. An upgraded stereo has been added by way of mounted door speakers and a hidden amp/sub combo under the rear cargo area. The drivers experience and view has been enhanced by an aftermarket, but tasteful, contoured steering wheel. We’re happy to see a well-used but cared for set of Coco mats in front of each seat.

At 107k km, this S124 has decades left to give and although it’s already been sold and is staying in Miami we hope to see it pop up from time to time on social media either out and about on wagon duty or in a late night photo turning Miami’s I-95 into a recreation of The Midnight Club’s Bayshore Wangan route.



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