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Always a Pleasure to Find One: 2006 CLS55 AMG IWC Ingenieur

As the 2006 CLS55 AMG ages, well kept, low mileage examples become harder to track down. Several factors, including single model year, lower production numbers, and depreciation play a role in the rarity of even the most “normally” spec’d CLS55’s. Thus, when a car like this seemingly perfect CLS55 AMG IWC Ingenieur (1 of 55 Examples) pops up in the classifieds, we have to pay attention. Showing only 47k miles this CLS is offered here on Facebook Marketplace out of Albuquerque, NM for a reasonable $25,000.

In the summer of 2005, Mercedes and Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen announced a co-op edition of the then-new W219 CLS55 AMG, known as the CLS55 AMG "IWC Ingenieur." Only 55 of these cars were sold in the United States and they featured options, colors, and a very special “wearable” accessory that couldn’t be ordered with other CLS55 AMG’s or any other Mercedes for that matter . All of the exterior decorative elements, including the radiator grille louvers, fog light rings, side window bezels, handle inserts, and rear trim feature a matte titanium color. Even the stock 5 spoke AMG wheels saw the unique finish. The interior was equally as unique with Piano Black wood, titanium finish dials, and matching seats.

Despite the photographs leaving aspects of the car to the imagination, the CLS55 appears extremely clean and well-kept. The model-specific Dark Titanium Grey Metallic reatins a beautiful luster, especially considering it’s been in the Southwestern sun. The equally clean wheels seem to be as well kept and we’re thrilled to see them still included with the car in such nice shape as these can’t be ordered anymore. Even the cloud-prone headlights have weathered the New Mexico heat and sun for fifteen years. Given the sellers asking price and condition of this car, we’d love to see a more complete and planned photo gallery to really set this car off and apart from the normal classified listing.

The story is largely the same with the interior as more photos would help but given the shots provided, this car has obviously been loved. The Piano Black Lacquer finish has aged nicely and doesn’t seem to show any signs of fading or cracking in the photos. Annoyingly, this finish was prone to showing every light scratch from sleeve buttons, keys, and other hard accessories so when the areas around the shifter are clean, it’s a solid indicator the car hasn’t seen much abuse, if any. Not to harp on the photography of this listing but one of the prettiest features on these cars is the Matte Titanium Nappa hide leather. The contrast between the seats, the paintwork, and the Piano Black trim is downright artistic and although the seller only managed to capture a shot of the back seats, it does convey how striking the contrast can be on these IWC Ingenieurs.

After speaking with the seller, two keys are present but unfortunately the matching watch has either been lost along the way or is being kept as a souvenir of ownership. While that certainly bulbs value in the car, these CLS’s don’t count on the bespoke timepiece to be unique. At only 55 of these models produced, all in the same exclusive color combinations, these are enormously exclusive cars for any enthusiast or collector.



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