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Another One! 1994 E500 RENNtech E60

After years spent hopping around on forums and classifieds we’re happy to see another RENNtech E60 end up on the right side of the market to get the attention and love it deserves. This 1994 E60 was originally modified from a E500 in 1998 and has been under the current owners care since 2003. It’s currently up for auction with Bring a Trailer and the full listing can be viewed here. End date for this auction is set for Monday , September 7 at 4:23 EST.

When we spoke with Jonathan Hodgman with Blue Ridge MB about this car he not only remembered the car and the owner but specifically stated this was one of the strongest E60’s he’s ever driven noting that it keeps pulling at 6500rpm whereas many of these cars start to die off closer to 5500. In addition to the obvious 6 liter conversion this car received cams, sway bars, a multitude of cooling components, 1st gear start, new mounts, and a Gleason Torsen LSD (although there is chatter of this car receiving a newer Kleemann rear end since the build)

Even though this E60 does have some history of paintwork and light damage on the record, it displays quite nicely in Brilliant Silver (744) over dark grey lower cladding and Anthracite leather. The interior has been nicely kept and left largely original with the welcome addition of a Nakamichi CD400 deck and flush subwoofer box against the rear wall of the trunk. A fun talking point is an original RENNtech floor mat that’s included with the car, we wonder what it would take for RENNtech to recreate a full set.

As a group the RENNtech E60’s seem to be only growing in popularity and value amongst today’s buyers. Given limited production and an abundance of enthusiasts, we anticipate these cars will keep climbing and anything with a RENNtech 6 liter conversion will continue to be appreciated for decades.



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