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As Good As New: 6,500-mile 2002 CLK55 AMG Cabriolet

If you missed your chance 18 years ago to walk into a Mercedes-Benz dealership and purchase a CLK55 AMG off of the showroom floor, today might just be your lucky day. While the car is no longer sitting in a showroom, it certainly looks like it has been for the last two decades. This 2002 CLK55 AMG Cabriolet has traveled only 6,500 miles since new and is listed as a 1-owner vehicle. Mileage this low is almost unheard of and always commands a premium price. Earlier this year, we got the exclusive feature on a 1999 E55 AMG with only 7,800 miles that sold for more than the asking price of this CLK. The car is located in Plano, Texas with a dealership and an asking price of $34,883.

As you'd expect from a car with 6,500 miles on the odometer, the car aesthetically flawless. The paint appears to match across all panels and panel gaps are consistent all around. The car is finished in Brilliant Silver Metallic (744) over Anthracite Leather (211A). The CLK55 comes equipped with AMG bumpers, skirts, wheels, and exhaust.

An up-close photo is provided of one of the two-piece AMG wheels which were specific to the cabriolets and they appear perfect with the polished lip. Even the brake caliper appears clean indicating minimal use in a well-cared for environment.

The interior tells much the same story. We're in love with the leather stitched center console that perfectly incases the black birds eye maple woodgrain. The leather appears soft and plush while the woodgrain is rich in color with no cracks. The car is equipped with COMAND as well as heated seats.

Our only questionable flaw is the illumination of the steering lock indicator lamp on the dash. Typically, this is only illuminated if the steering adjustment mechanism is left in the unlocked position. Hopefully this is just an oversight or lack of knowledge from the selling dealer and a simple adjustment of the steering lock will correct the issue. Alternatively, the lock is broken and will require replacement. It's most likely not the latter but we feel like this is enough to warrant a PPI.

Photos have been provided by the seller of the top both up and down indicating the top is in working order. Chrome rings have been added to the front xenon headlights which was, oddly enough, a popular add-on in its day. Fortunately, they should easily come off for those wanting a cleaner look.

For any Mercedes collector looking for an investment grade w208, this certainly meets the criteria. As we've seen, mileage this low always brings a hefty premium that only goes up with time. Maybe we'll see this car resurface in another decade with a few hundred more miles added or maybe the next owner will drive it as it was meant to be driven. Either way, it's hard to argue with the price knowing the car can't be replicated. Sure, this is high for the w208 market in general, however, this isn't the average w208.


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