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Auction Worthy: 1993 190E 2.6

Listed in Willowbrook, IL, this 1993 190E 2.6 is a diamond in the rough. This car is currently being advertised on Craigslist and judging from the photos, you'll be hard pressed to find a cleaner w201. The odometer shows only 57k miles in 28 years and comes with a fair amount of maintenance records. The current owner has owned it since 2015 when the car had 27,000 miles.

The Smoke Silver Metallic (704) paint shines very well with minimal blemishes. All panel gaps are even with no evidence of any previous paint work. The black impact strips on the front and rear bumpers are free from the typical fading and scrapes often seen. A healthy amount of photos are provided by the seller which accurately portray every angle of the car.

On the interior, the Mushroom MB-Tex (175) is nearly perfect. The seats appear as if their waiting to be used for the first time. No dash cracks are present and all trim pieces are in tact with no wear. Perhaps our favorite detail is the woodgrain which looks immaculate.

No fading or cracking which is no easy feat as the woodgrain on all Benzes from this era are prone to these common issues. Additional photos are provided by the seller that do a great job at showing all of the details. Headliner, floorboards, door jams, and more are all displayed using the link to the photo drive.

The 2.6L M103 engine was rated at 158 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque when new. While it still wasn't the fastest car on the road, this engine suited the small chassis of the 190E perfectly and also provided great reliability.

The seller is asking $9,500 which we feel is a very fair number for the condition. We wouldn't be surprised to see this car turn up for auction in the near future given the low mileage and presentation. Examples like this are few and far between today so if you're looking for a clean w201, this late model 2.6 is a strong candidate.


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