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Back in Black (on Black): 85k-mile 1985 Euro 500SEL

When it comes to LWB W126 sedans, nothing beats the sinister color combo of an 80s movie villain car like a black on black SEL. This 1985 500SEL is listed on Craigslist out of Connecticut has all the hallmarks to let you live out your Lethal Weapon villain fantasy in euro spec glory.

Showing only 135k Km (85k miles), this example features the more attractive euro spec W126 bumpers and headlights to give it a sleeker profile and more elegant appearance. In addition to the aforementioned black leather interior, this example sports an extremely rare, and very early version of the driver's airbag system in the steering wheel; giving the wheel a pregnant, boxy appearance not seen on later, SRS-standard models of the W126 beginning in 1987.

The fisheye photos in the listing don't provide for the best examination of this example, but a close eye on the engine bay photos reveal what appears to be mint metallic green paint on the inner fenders and firewall. This may indicate a color-change repaint in black at some point in its life; although the lack of a VIN from the seller makes this information difficult to confirm.

A possible repaint wouldn't be the only incorrect aspect of this example, as this example wears a set of W126 15 hole alloys that were seen on later US models, beginning in 1986.

Remarkably, the Zebrano wood trim seems to be in excellent shape on this car; a rarity for most W126s and a near impossibility on any example in this price point. As a bonus, the trunk is filled with what appears to be a full set of W126 500-series repair manuals for the industrious among you who want to turn your own torx-wrenches.

All in all, this is a lot of car for the seller's asking price of $5,200 and one that will surely deliver a lot of bang for your buck - or at least, allow you to look the part of the villain from afar.


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