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Potential Bargain Buy: 2002 S55 AMG

For all the cars we find each week, we secretly keep hoping to see more early W220 AMG cars pop up in nice shape. These are arguably one of the least desirable models in today’s market and we think they deserve more credit than they’ve received recently. This 2002 S55 AMG can be found listed here on Craigslist for $7,850 with 102k miles on the odometer.

Finished in a very attractive Black (040) over Java leather, this S55 AMG presents itself quite nicely at first glance. Typical light wear is present on the driver's seat bolsters and steering wheel as is common with many 100k mile cars. Given the Java interior it is important to note the wear is minimal and significantly more noticeable on comparable examples. The beige carpets seem to be clean and well kept along with the walnut trim on the dashboard, steering wheel, and door cards. The original owners manual is seen in the photos and we hope the original S55 AMG floor mats are in the trunk.

The body itself looks nice as well although without a VIN or much description we can’t tell if the car’s had any previous paintwork. We’re inclined to say minimal if any given the shape of this S55 as a whole. The AMG wheels seem to be cared for and show minimal scuffing. The nose of the car shows light rock chips and the front lip displays a small crack presumably from a curb. As no records are given with the car we can’t make any assumptions regarding previous maintenance but if there’s any note of ABC work performed in the last few years we wouldn’t be scared of this early 2000’s tech marvel.

The early W220 AMG cars were only produced for North America over a 2 year stint and only 2500 plus or minus were sold. They were quickly overshadowed by the facelift (2003+) models with the extra 140 horsepower and updated styling. As a result the early cars became very cheap very quickly and most have been parked due to maintenance cost and complexity. We’re loving them more and more for the rarity and scarcity along with the NA M113 AMG engine also seen in the W210 E55’s at the time.



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