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Be the King of Cool Every Day: Steve McQueen's 300SEL 6.3

Born to a stunt pilot living in Indianapolis in the 1930’s, it’s no secret Steve McQueen’s affinity for anti-authority and fast cars was equally as pronounced off the silver screen as it was in front of the lens. When he wasn’t jumping a Triumph motorcycle or a Mustang Fastback, he was amassing a wildly cool collection of cars only the King of Cool could. From classic Ferrari Halos to the rarest Porsches, and even a Jaguar XKSS (which he regularly blasted around the Hollywood Hills), McQueen knew how to pick the best of the best. One of those best was a 1972 Mercedes 300SEL 6.3 and it’s currently listed for sale in the San Francisco Bay Area. It can be found here with San Francisco Sports Cars for an admirable $319,995.

Browse the dealers offerings and you’d swear this car never left McQueens collection as it remains surrounded by the most exclusive Porsches and Ferraris to this day. Finished in black over black, this 300SEL 6.3 is offered with supporting documentation of ownership and maintenance along with restoration receipts from Kienle, Germany. The car does retain its original chassis, engine, and body but of course the paint and finishings have either been restored or replaced in the past.

Given a pseudo-restoration there’s still a wonderfully romantic patina left over from the Golden Years of Hollywood. The original wood trim, dash, and instrument dials/controls are presented just as nicely showing signs of light use over the years.

Although McQueen owned this car in his later years (1972 until his death in 1980) we’re sure the gas pedal saw a lot of attention and in true McQueen fashion, the redline as well. There isn’t much documentation or history offered on the mechanical maintenance of the car but for this asking price, we expect it to be in tip-top shape. As the ultimate petrolhead’s 6.3, we hope this car is worth every penny of the asking price given the memories trapped behind the steering wheel. In the near future, if not today, there will be a large class of car enthusiast that has no idea who the King of Cool is or what he meant to car culture or counterculture. If your memory needs a little jogging, go watch Bullitt, The Thomas Crown Affair, or Le Mans and get back to us with your thoughts.



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