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Because Why Not? 1998 ML320 Missing Some Pieces

Remember that W163 6x6 we found hiding in the United kingdom several months back? Today’s W163 find isn’t as cool but it’s equally as discussion-worthy. This 1998 ML320 can be found listed here on Craigslist for the low price of $2,500 out of Chicago.

Sure the first generation of ML is great in stock form. It came with dual-speed four wheel drive, an optional 3rd row seat, and all the luxury accoutrements expected from Mercedes in the 90’s and early 2000’s. The W163 ML arguably started the luxury SUV craze when it had previously been a small niche market. Fast forward twenty years and todays market is flooded with used up, beat down ML’s looking to be rehomed and repurposed, which is exactly what this seller in Chicago has done.

Showing 207k miles on the clock this ML was nearing the end of it’s life but it’s recently discovered new meaning by way of an open cockpit and tubular doors. At first glance it reminds us of the cross between a first generation Land Rover Freelander and a four-door Jeep Wrangler. Take a closer look and the Mercedes roots are still there. It seems the rear quarter windows and hatch have been removed to create a truly open backend while the doors have been pulled. Given the ML seating positions we have to imagine this will make for the perfect beach cruiser or trail rig. With a little imagination, this could be an epic base for an offroad build.

Given no details are provided by the seller for this Franken-build we have a hard time taking it too seriously but for $2,500 we’d be willing to take a chance if we had a beach house in need of a sand rig. Someone scoop this up and let us consult on it’s next transformation.


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