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Begging for a Restoration: 1973 450SL (Lorinser?)

This is probably too far gone but what the hell, it deserves some discussion. Sent to us by a good friend, this 1973 450SL is sitting in our own backyard in Atlanta, GA. It’s certainly seen better days but maybe, possibly could return if a buyer had enough patience and money. It’s currently listed here on Craigslist for $2,500 and should be worth close to that in parts.

The seller notes the wheels as being Lorenzos but we have a feeling they mean Lorinsers. The faces have been painted, from the looks of two old photographs in the listing, probably when the car was modified. Wander around to the back of the car and the rear end will catch your attention with a molded rear wing. At first glance, we’d hope this car is a custom Lorinser build from back in the 80’s (which is possible given the European bumpers and head lamps) but no detail is given. The seller also notes they’ve owned the car for more than 40 years and there’s no timeline given for how long it’s been parked.

We’re willing to bet this owner could shed some serious light on the car and it could certainly be the real deal given the ground effects, wheels, and body mouldings. This is definitely a restoration fit for professionals and we’re willing to bet most of you want to see this restored to the modified version as much as we do.



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