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Bell Ringer: 29k Mile 1999 S500

Posted 4 days ago on Craigslist in Detroit, MI, this 1999 S500 gets our vote for weekly find. Reportedly a 2-owner example showing only 29k miles on the clock, it seems to be every bit as nice as you might expect. The seller notes zero rust or damage along with responsible ownership and maintenance. Included in the sale are two keys, records, and a clean Michigan title. All this for $11,600 asking.

Given this is a northern car, we’d want to get an inspection before buying just for peace of mind but honestly, at this price, we’d be willing to take a shot given final year for the W140 in a timeless color combo, with such low mileage. If this car ends up on a familiar online auction site in the next several months we won’t be surprised.

The original Craigslist ad can be found here



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