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Big Baby Blues: 48k-mile 1993 600SEL in Blue/Blue

The W140 market is seriously heating up and the M120 fashioned 600 V12s are leading the pack. Seen here on craigslist in Cleveland is a beautiful first-gen example from 1993 showing only 48,000 original miles for only $5,500!

In addition to the low miles, this example is finished in a rare double blue combination that looks stellar; especially with the two-tone lower body cladding.

The non-original wheels are a bit of a detraction but OEM wheels, Ronals or Monoblocks would surely raise the profile (and value) on this baby blue beast.

The seller claims the car comes from Texas so rust shouldn't be an issue, but double-check the clearcoat on any lone star car of this vintage.

The biggest problem with this car is the seller's claim that the A/C isn't working. As any W140 owner knows, replacing the compressor/condenser on these cars is a dashboard out nightmare booking well over 10 hours of labor. So buyer beware (or at least live in a temperate climate, if not).


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