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Big Body Bargain? 1999 Mercedes-Benz S500 Coupe

As we've repeatedly said, everything W140 is on the permanent uptick, so when bargains come along - even those that have needs - its worthy of a second look. Today's example is one of those potential bargains with a lot of net positives but plenty of needs to bring it up to acceptable condition.

Offered for sale on craigslist out of Arizona, this 1995 S-Class Coupe is finished in Black Pearl Metallic (199) over Grey (268) leather interior. Its notable that the car looks more like the later Tectite Grey, not Black Pearl, due to the seller's photographing of the car in the direct Arizona sun. This blinding trend is present in all of the listing photos which could either be the mark of a novice automotive photographer or a savvy dealer to hide flaws. We're going to assume the former, for the moment.

The exterior paint condition shows well but is in need of a bit of a paint correction to remove the swirl and haze reflected by the sun. The interior leather shows nicely but, based on the heavily cracked wooden console, we're willing to bet this car was parked outside quite a bit. If it was a southwest-based car for very long, we're willing to bet the leather has lost its supple response and hardened a bit in the Arizona sun. The lack of any tint on the cabin glass further supports this notion.

The errant "V8" badging on the fenders is both confusing and eye-rolling, but this is Arizona after all... Evidence of damage to the front bumper is noticeable but acceptable on a car of this vintage and price. With an asking price of only $5,995 and only 125,000 miles showing on the odometer, this might be worth acquiring to correct the small cosmetic flaws on this former flagship example.

As a 1995 car, the biodegradable wiring harness is an issue, and the 4 speed transmission leaves a bit to be desired in the driving experience - but this is an overall nice starting point for anyone looking to get into the C140 marketplace. At this price, it's hard to argue against least from a distance .


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