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Big Body Bargain: One-Owner 1999 S420

The W140 will always be a staple model in the history of Mercedes-Benz. The amount of time and money spent in development was unmatched at the time and the end result was a masterpiece of an automobile. Many of the W140's left on the market today have been abused over the years or driven as they were intended, now showing well north of 200k miles. This example was recently listed in Brooklyn, NY as a one-owner with 128k miles. As a 1999 year model, it's the last year model the W140 was offered. The later facelift examples tend to command a higher value today as they are more desirable. The color combination appears to be Black (040) over Grey Leather which has proven to be very popular amongst W140 buyers. Additional photos of the interior would be recommended as none are provided of the center console.

This 1999 S420 has an asking price of $5,000 which we feel is an excellent value. Not only is this a final year model example, the car appears to be well above-average in regards to condition both inside and out. The bumpers typically wear battle scars on the corners and the paint is more of a matte hue, however, paint appears glossy with no imperfections that we can see. The grill has been swapped out for what we assume is an S600 style grill and is again in need of replacement as the center bar appears slightly warped and a chrome piece is missing from the bottom.

The seller states that miles are mostly highway miles although we don't wouldn't be concerned with the mileage as the M119 engine is good for many more with proper maintenance. The S420 came equipped with a 4.2 liter V8 engine which produced 275hp and 295 lbs-ft of torque when new, coming in a mere half a second slower to 60 mph compared to it's 500 spec brethren.

As if we weren't sold on this S420 already, it's worth noting this example is well-optioned with factory HID headlights and heated seats. Additional options would require additional photos to confirm. The seller states the AC is cold and the car runs excellently. The W140 is a car that we wouldn't hesitate to get behind the wheel and drive cross-country. As clean examples are only getting more difficult to find, this particular S420 seems like a bargain.


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