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Big Red: 21k-mile S500 Sport Package

Listed for sale outside of Albany on craigslist is a pristine and well-optioned example of perhaps the least desirable S-Class of the last 30 years: The W220. Introduced in 2000, the successor to the venerable W140 was burdened by glitches from its overly-electronic engineering that significantly impacted the resale values on early models such as this one.

While later models towards the end of production had most of the kinks worked out, earlier cars were often sidelined by electrical gremlins and troublesome fault codes. Could that be the reason for this pristine example's criminally low miles? This Bordeaux red example looks worthy of finding out the answer to that question.

In addition to its gorgeous Bordeaux Red paint, this example features the $4,500 "sport" option that added AMG monoblock wheels, and AMG-styled bodywork; vastly improving the otherwise soft styling of the W220.

With the exception of a misplaced control unit sticking out from the rear of the passenger seat and a missing Navigation disc, this example looks every bit the part of a well-loved, low-mile S-Class.

The price is toward the top of the range for what we've seen other low-mile W220s sell for at auction, but the unique color combined with the sport appearance package should make this worthy of consideration for anyone in the market for a unique and sleek Y2K era S-Class.

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Aamir Tanveer
Aamir Tanveer
22 jul 2020

Is that wrinkling on the armrest typical for this gen S class?

Me gusta
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